Shocking new footage has emerged of the chaos engulfing Manhattan after two hijacked passenger planes struck the World Trade Centre in 2001.

The footage, reportedly obtained under Freedom of Information laws by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, was taken from a New York Police Department helicopter in the hour after the attack.

The NYPD helicopter flies over the top of the two towers showing extensive damage, before backing off and shooting from a safer distance.

Shortly after landing, the chopper takes off again before the first tower collapses to the ground.
It’s the first time footage of the towers’ collapse has been seen from this angle, due to all non-police aircraft being grounded nationwide by US authorities.

The helicopter passengers’ horror is on full display as they realize the building, which once dominated the New York skyline has completely collapsed.

“It’s gone! The whole tower, it’s gone. Holy crap! It knocked the whole freaken thing down!”, one man screams as smoke and ash blankets Manhattan.

The men are left speechless for several minutes as the horror unfolds beneath them.

The video appears to have been obtained by National Institute of Standards and Technology for, a US website devoted to freedom of information.

Nearly 3,000 victims and the 19 hijackers died in the attacks which shocked the world in 2001.

It’s the first time the chilling video has been seen outside of official inquiries.


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