More news on Japan disaster


– Japan battles twin disasters, trying to stop a radiation leak at a nuclear plant after an 8.9 quake triggers tsunami up to 10 meters (30 feet), with waves sweeping away homes, crops, vehicles and submerging farmland. 
– Cooling system of two reactors at Fukushima No. 1 atomic plant fail on Saturday and a third reactor malfunctions on Sunday morning.
– Smoke billows after an explosion at the plant located about 250 kilometres (160 miles) northeast of Tokyo.
– Workers douse the stricken reactor with sea water to try to avert catastrophe.
– The number of people exposed to radiation was expected to climb to at least 90
– 200,000 people evacuated from 20-km radius of the stricken plant.
– Number of dead or missing feared to exceed 1,800.
– 10,000 people unaccounted for.
– Nuclear safety agency rates the accident at four on the international scale from 0 to 7.
– Dazed residents hoard water and huddle in makeshift shelters in near-freezing temperatures.
– 5.5 million people without power, while 3,400 buildings either destroyed or damaged.
– Japan’s Prime Minister Naoto Kan says the chaos is an “unprecedented national disaster”.
– Contact lost with four trains along the coast area of northeastern Japan, Kyodo news agency says.
– International search and rescue teams rush to Japan, one of Afghanistan’s most violent provinces offers $50,000 in aid.



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