Today’s diary

I am getting busy as the semester goes on with the assignments and study. But still I manage to do this entry anyway, Alhamdulillah.

Japan nuclear crisis

-Of course I am worried with the situation in Japan with radiation found in foods and water, hopefully it will not spread to other countries and the problem will be resolve soon, insyaAllah.

-This is because radiation is very harmful as it can damage the DNA which lead to cancer.

Libya attacked by US and co.

-On the other part of the world, self-proclaimed the world’s police agent, US with their alliance countries attacked Libya with the reason to oust Libyan PM, Muammar Gaddafi and want to bring democracy in the country.

-I don’t think that is the main reason why they attacked Libya. That must be any other reason why (thinking about the oil or to protect israel or want to show the world the advance of US military weapons, jets etc.) Is there any other diplomatic ways that can be used?

-Surprisingly, the UN approved the decision to attack Libya and this happened when Obama ruled the US. I thought the UN must be controlled by the US while Obama was controlled/influenced by some people. I don’t know who.

-In my opinion, it is better the money used to attack Libya be used to help the Japanese instead. Helping to cope with the radiation problem as the radiation might travel to US, Europe as well.


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