♥♥ ALLAH’S Pharmacy ♥♥

APPLE ♥♥♥ …protects heart & prevent constipation

BANANA ♥♥♥..strengthen bones & control BP

CARROT ♥♥♥…save eyesight & combat cancer

LEMON ♥♥♥…control BP & smooth skin

MANGO♥♥♥….boost memory & regulate thyroid

GRAPES ♥♥♥…save eyesight & combat formation of kidney stone

ORANGE ♥♥♥….support & strengthen immune system of body & ends insomnia

PEACH ♥♥♥…..stop storke & aids digestion


“♥”♥”~♥♥”So which of the favors of your Lord, will you deny?””♥

link: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Islam-Science/144216728949120


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