Exposed: Busting the Top 10 Online Dating Myths

Stop hinging your hesitancy on hearsay. The most common myths of online dating are just that — myths. In fact, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 excuses former fraidy cats used to keep themselves from finding quality friends and making refreshingly fun dates. Do any sound familiar to you?
1. I don’t need help meeting people
Of course you don’t. Hundreds of hot single guys or girls are lined up outside your door, right? Face facts: It’s hard to find someone nice, someone with whom you click.
Looking online doesn’t mean you have to stop looking in person. If you really want to find a date, why not use every avenue available? You could miss your dream date by seconds in the bar, but online he or she’s only an email away.
2. The Internet’s not safe
What are you talking about? Dating online offers the unique opportunity to learn about someone’s attitude, personality, living situation, etc.; see photos and videos; hear his or her voice; chat instantly, via email or on the phone — and never reveal your identity or your personal information until you decide you’ve met a match.
Think you can do that at the club? Or the grocery aisle? Or even a blind date your friend sets you up on? Good luck.
3. Online dating’s for losers
Only if “losers” means a diverse, global community of quality single adults — intelligent, generally college-educated and professional individuals who share common goals and want to find great dates, make new friends, form romantic relationships or meet life partners…
Find out for yourself: take a look at a dating website and compare the quality you find online to the winners who want to buy you a drink just so they can make their move at the bar.
4. I meet people all the time
Congratulations. A lot of people fall into the romance-less routine of going to work, coming home and spending occasional quality time with friends. If you’re one of the lucky few who’s able to meet someone new every time you turn around, bottle the secret to your success and you’ll make a fortune.
For the rest of us, meeting people may not be as easy. Online dating gives you a great way to browse profiles of interesting people that you know are looking for someone like you.
5. I’m not desperate
Great. Neither are online daters.
The singles you find online are the same men and women you meet on the street, at work — members of your own family may even looking for love online. They’re the smart people who are taking advantage of a powerful dating tool that lets them date at their own pace.
6. I’m too old to date online
If you’ve been out of the dating game for a while, online dating is the perfect venue to recover your mojo. Think about it: You’ll meet more matches faster than you would by trolling singles joints, creating a profile lets you describe yourself and who you’d like to meet, email conversations let you get back into the swing of chatting and flirting — and best of all, you can proceed as quickly or as slowly as you want. And always anonymously.
7. I won’t meet anyone who shares my interests
Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. One of the key advantages to dating online is the ability to search for people with a very specific set of interests. You even can define your dream date by location, physical appearance, personality, lifestyle, values… The list goes on and on.
8. I’ll only meet liars
Yeah, like that only happens online. Exaggeration and outright lying don’t only happen online. Are you positive the gal you met in the grocery store is really a high-powered attorney? Can you be sure that guy from the museum is actually an art dealer? And what about the one who claimed to be a millionaire?
Always date smartly — whether online to off. Trust your gut, and if something seems odd, inquire or avoid.
9. I’m not ready for a relationship
Luckily for you, not everyone online is searching for a soul mate. Lot of singles are simply are looking to meet interesting people and jump-start their social lives. Searching online allows you to see who’s out there and have some fun till you’re ready to commit.
10. It costs too much
Do you buy a cup of coffee every morning? Maybe a bottled water? Subscribing to a site lets you chat one-on-one or send email to other members — and it costs a lot less than getting your daily latte fix.
Don’t let financial excuses ruin your chance at romance. Start with a simple search, and watch your social life begin to soar.

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